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Becoming a stair climbing machine before Saturday

Keep Calm posterLess than one week to go before the Faas Climb!

To tackle these 888 steps I’m going to have to become a stair climbing machine.

I’ve got less than a week to do it in and a nagging ankle injury that will (no doubt) give me some grief along the way. I decided to consult with some of the fitness professionals I work with for any useful advice they could offer.

I explained many stairs needed to be climbed, my target finish time, how the event will be staged (we go in waves instead of all at once, dependent on our “predicted” finish time), etc – I then asked each one the following question:

What should I focus on in order to get the best possible time on this climb?

Here, next to the names of the trainers, are their (helpful?) answers:

  • “Bench press. Do loads of it. The bigger you are the better..” – Dave
  • “Do something that involves your legs!” – Chrissie
  • “Eat”  – Tim
  • “I find that playing games on my iPad helps”  – Lawrence
  • “A couple of pints laced with shots will get you up those stairs, mate” – Ryan

As you can see, my colleagues are fountains of knowledge, so I decided to train for the climb as follows:

  • Single leg work: Squats, deadlifts, step-ups
  • Stair climb: Either Angel or Mansion house tube station’s as they have pretty huge staircases
  • Back and arm work: I will be putting as much work through my back and arms as possible on the climb. The more stress I can take from my legs the better. I will do this by pulling myself up and along with the bannister as much as possible.
  • Treadmill hill climbs – Mostly for my cardiovascular fitness and endurance. The incline will be ramped-up as much as possible over extended periods of time.
Have any of you ever done a challenge like this? How dd you prepare? What was it like? I’d love to know what worked (or didn’t) for you.
(I’ve also reached almost half of my target for Cancer Research UK, so do help me get the rest of the way by making a small donation. Thank you!)