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Climbing the tallest building in the City of London in 6 minutes? Easy*

*Well, it’s easy if you take the lift.

Heron Tower, City of London

The Heron Tower, all 46 floors, 888 steps of it.

I’ve just signed up for the Faas Climb which involves joining 799 other people as we attempt to run/walk/crawl all 888 steps or 37 of the 46 floors of Heron Tower.

It’s the tallest building in the City of London!

Over the next month I will do everything in my power to get up Heron Tower as quickly as possible. I will keep you posted once or twice a week via this blog. You can keep a closer eye on my progress (or lack there of) by following me on twitter – @ybny_luke – where I will keep you intimately updated on all the little annoyances/personal victories and heartache that I encounter along the way.



About yourbodyneedsyou

Former butter-ball turned elite personal trainer (so I know a thing or two about weight-loss). As well as giving advice to the NHS, I also spend much of my time shouting at City bankers, traders, celebs, housewives and defenceless children. Writer, consultant, professional speaker, a keen climber, serial dater, Thai-boxer, model(!), bull-runner and cheese enthusiast.

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